The Greater Cincinnati Soccer League (GCSL), formerly known as Cincinnati United Soccer League (CUSL), is an Ohio South Youth Soccer Association league for specific clubs in the greater Cincinnati area. Games are played in places like Anderson, Wilder (KY), Harrison (IN), Middletown, Centerville, and Lebanon.

Cincy SC has been an active member of GCSL since December, 2017.



GCSL is a self-scheduling league. Team coaches/managers get together a couple months before the season to create the schedule. Cincy SC’s “home” fields are at Clear Creek Park, managed by Anderson Township Parks District.


Rescheduling at Clear Creek

Here is the GCSL Clear Creek Field Availability/Self-Scheduling Spreadsheet (for Spring 2018). Make up games must be rescheduled within two weeks of the original game. This is an ATPD rule.

To request a reschedule, check the field availability sheet and provide 2-3 options to Brian Berning ( in this format:

Game : #166553
Game Date: 4/8/18
Field #: 96-05
Time: 10:50am
H Team: G0739
Club: Cincy SC
Division: GCSL Div
Reschedule Dates
#1  5/16 – 7:00 pm
#2  5/16 –  5:30pm


Additional information about GCSL can be found on the league’s website.